The 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World (With Outstanding Pictures)

Added by Fran on Mar 14, 2019


Bluebells are Britain’s first sign that spring has arrived, and many people anxiously wait for the blooming of these beautiful small blue flowers every year. Scientists have discovered an interesting link between the blue bells and summer; the later their bloom, the more perfect the summer weather. Found in England’s magical woodlands, the Bluebells are loved for their sweet scent and immense beauty created by their woodland carpets of blue.


Lily of the Valley

These small lilies are indeed flowers of stark contrast: the entire flower and plant is highly toxic, with even small amounts ingested causing vomiting and stomach pains; yet their sweet odor has made them popular in famous fragrances such as Christian Dior and Guerlain Muguet. These delicate bell-shaped flowers are loved for their beautiful white color against the deep green leaves. It is said that famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky (composer of The Nutcracker) particularly loved these beautiful white lilies.

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