The 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World (With Outstanding Pictures)

Added by Fran on Jun 25, 2022
Most beautiful flowers

The famous artist Monet said “I must have flowers, always, always, always.” Why through the ages have we loved and appreciated flowers so much? Because flowers are symbols of love, joy, hope and happiness. We associate flowers with pleasant weather and sunny days. Pleasing the eye and filling the air with their sweet fragrances, everyone has their own personal favorite; whether you prefer your flowers in a well-manicured garden, in its natural environment or perhaps in a contemporary vase, very few people will admit to not enjoying flowers in one form or another. The world’s most beautiful flowers are sure to include at least a couple of your personal favorites.



The flowering sunflower tracks the sun’s path with its flower head, so you will see the sunflower facing one way in the morning, and the opposite way in the late afternoon. This phenomenon, known as heliotropism, has fascinated people for many centuries. The sunflower is Russia’s National Flower. A tall growing plant with between 1,000 and 2,000 small individual flowers combined in the impressive sunflower head, the sunflower also has many uses from seeds, to sunflower oil and livestock feed. And would you be surprised to learn that the nation with the tallest people, the Netherlands, also produced the tallest sunflower in history? A sunflower standing higher than 25 feet was grown in the Netherlands in 1986.


Oriental Poppy

A delicate flower, yet the cause of wars around the world. Oriental Poppies is a well-known source of the narcotic drug opium – sourced from unripe poppy seedpods. An extremely addictive drug cocktail can be sourced from the Oriental Poppy, making this flower more addictive and dangerous than morphine. The popularity of Oriental Poppies also soared following Georgie O’Keefe’s 1928 famous “Oriental Poppies” painting. The Oriental Poppy has a long and rich medicinal history. And yes, the Oriental Poppy is the source of those small tasty black seeds enjoyed in combination with citrus flavored baking.

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