The 10 Highest Paying Jobs In America, And How To Land Them

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 30, 2015
Highest paying jobs

As employees we generally try to steer clear of those awkward salary comparisons with co-workers, usually to our detriment. A deep understanding of your profession, salaries and benefits is crucial to helping you negotiate better with your current and future employers, and placing yourself at the forefront of your industry.

Some of you might be at the start of your careers, or just deciding which path you want to take professionally. This compiled list of the 10 highest paying jobs in America can help give you some insight into industries you might not have considered. This aggregated data is derived from several government sources, mostly between the years 2010 and 2012. The jobs are a reflection of past and current market demand, which is an ever-changing landscape with a beat of its own.

For example, jobs in the healthcare industry seem to be disproportionately reflected in the list below, mainly due to the baby boomer generation's increased lifespan and focus on health. This list helps pinpoint industries where demand for skilled workers is high, making it more likely to land a great job.

10 Petroleum Engineers

Average mean salary: $114,080
Study time: BA in engineering (4 years) and work experience (2-3 years).

Possibly one of the most interesting jobs on this list, Petroleum engineers fall into a vast array of fields that specialize in the exploration and extrapolation of hydrocarbons (crude oil and natural gas) from the earth. From correct well placement for the enhanced recovery of oil, to drilling techniques and separation of hydrocarbons from sand and water, their tasks take them around the world in search of gas and oil deposits, overseeing extraction projects and engineering complex solutions to difficult problems.

Due to rising demand and the fast depletion of easy-to-access oil and gas reserves in the world, employment opportunities for petroleum engineers are expected to grow around 17 percent until the year 2020, while the income opportunity in this field will be largely determined by the price of oil in the world.

9 Information Technology (IT) Managers

Average mean salary: $115,780
Study time: A bachelors degree in computer sciences is usually required (4 years), as well as at least 3-4 years experience.

IT Managers are often known as CTO's (Chief Technology Officer) and head the computer-related activities of an organisation. A deep technical knowledge in the field of computing is required, as well as excellent organisational and verbal skills. They are in charge of developing the technical departments in an organisation, from hiring to instilling a vision, deciding on the technology to be used, and defining a clear path towards company goals.

Over and above a formal education, IT managers must have a lot of experience in the field, usually as developers or product managers. They are the type of people who get excited by technology and innovation, bring creativity and new ideas into the organisation, and yet enable others to execute on their vision and bring their own input to the table.

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