Ten Children's Books Everyone Should Read

Added by samsam on Jan 9, 2018

The Enchanted Wood – Enid Blyton

The first in a series of books about the magic faraway tree, The Enchanted Wood follow the adventures of Jo, Bessie and Fanny when they move to the country and discover the enchanted wood in the garden behind their new home. Together with their new friends who live in the tree; Moonface, Mr Watzisname and Silky the fairy, they discover the worlds at the top of the faraway tree in adventures that will tickle your imagination pink.


Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

The book is set in a world quite similar to our own, with one distinction: in addition to the Muggles, who are normal people like you and I, there are also magical beings like witches and wizards. The books chronicle the adventures of Harry Potter, who discovers at the age of eleven that he is in fact a Wizard, and his friends at Hogwarts, a school for the magically gifted.

While Harry Potter may be seen as children's book, the story actually becomes darker and darker as you proceed in the series of seven novels. They're great to start reading at any age, even as an adult, although if you start when you're eleven and wait a year between reading each book, you can actually grow up at the same pace as the characters do.

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