Top 10 Richest Musicians In The World In 2021

Added by Edan Barak on Dec 11, 2014
richest musicians in the world

In today's reality T.V.-driven, celebrity-worshipping culture it seems like becoming a successful musician is on just about every musically-inclined person's to-do list. You might be surprised to learn that for most successful musicians, the love of music was the driving factor in their success - how else would they survive the penniless years which are pretty much guaranteed on the long road to super-stardom?

In fact, most musicians never make it big, and even fewer musicians ever make serious money. History demonstrates how many classical musicians died penniless - some only getting the acclaim they deserved well after death - while even bankable current stars can struggle financially. After paying for their lifestyles, and with the industry shrinking overall, many of today's stars are actually not all that rich. The industry is rife with young up-and-comers with no capacity for saving and growing their wealth, and are content with merely spending their income on lavish mansions, fancy cars, and enormous tabs when out on the town.

On the other hand, there are plenty of musicians who made smart choices with their money, and today we bring you the ten richest musicians of all time, adjusted for inflation of course.

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10 Michael Jackson Net Worth

Net Worth: $350 million at time of death

His on-stage persona and personal highs and lows were reflected in his business dealings as well. The King of Pop was the most marketable star for over a decade, and was bringing in money to the tune of $50 million per year through lucrative worldwide tours, best-selling albums, and sponsorship deals. Shred investing helped as well, as his purchase of ATV Music and the included Beatles’ catalog is worth much more today than when he purchased it in 1985.

However, on the heels of Thriller came poor investments, starting with his “Neverland Ranch,” which between purchase and renovations, cost him over $50 million dollars. By 2002, his net worth that was once up to $350 million in today’s dollars had dwindled, and he was nearly $200 million in debt. At the time of his death, he was in the red.

9 Jimmy Buffett Net Worth

Net Worth: $400 million

The fun-loving, relaxing persona that draws in his devoted Parrotheads year after year hides the fact that Buffett is a merchandising machine. He continues to pack stadiums on a consistent basis, while his chains of Cheeseburger in Paradise and Margaritaville Café restaurants have found traction and continue to pop up across the nation. His business empire has included Land Shark Lager, Margaritaville Records, two minor league baseball teams, and plenty of licensed goods available in grocery stores worldwide. All this puts his net worth at a cool $400 million, not bad for a self-described beach bum.

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