The 10 Best Motorcycle Cup Holders For Bikers

Added by Lou Anne Mullins on Mar 18, 2015
motorcycle cup holder

It doesn't really matter what time of year it is when you hit the road for a ride. You're going to need a place to hold either a hot drink, or a nice cold one, and between your legs is not the place to be carrying anything wet when you hit a rough spot on the pavement. Cup holders for motorcycles actually look pretty cool on a bike, and should be considered a unique necessity, rather than a frivolous expense.

They are generally easy to install, and finding the perfect one for your bike should be a simple matter of just looking for it. However, when you consider the many different types there are available on the market today, the shopping part could be the most difficult of all. Or you could simplify your life, and just look at the ten cup holders listed below. All are top-rated, well-built products, designed to be functional, and add a decorative touch of class to your motorcycle.

10 Kuryakyn 1482 Passenger Drink Holder with Right Side Basket

This Kuryakyn was designed for the passenger's easy access to a drink. Its high rating is no surprise when you think of the quality construction, and convenience built right in. Installing one of these for your favorite rider will make you look as good as the cup holder does on the bike to whoever the lucky person is. It seems to be out of stock frequently, but that's just another sign you have found the holder you need.

The Kuryakyn is designed to be non-intrusive, and yet still be well within reach of the passenger. Chrome on a motorcycle always looks good, and that is also true for this cup holder. It has more than looks going for it though. It also has functionality down to a fine art, plus the kind of durability you expect from quality merchandise. You can believe this holder is going to be your best buddy for a very long time.

Kuryakyn 1482 Passenger Drink Holder

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9 Kruzer Kaddy 100 Satin Handlebar Mount

The satin Kruzer Kaddy 100 handlebar mount is in four words "incredibly cool, and functional." Any merchandise that comes from the Kruzer people is going to be solidly constructed, and work exactly the way they say it will. Once you've installed this cup holder, then had a chance to put it to use, you'll be one more happy biker with a Kruzer Kaddy on the handlebars. Available in 7/8", 1", 1 1/4", finding one to fit your motorbike isn't difficult.

A cup holder like the Kruzer is built for the long road, and since your drink will be handily hanging from the handlebars, it won't be a thirsty trip. Unless you park your bike inside, thieves are, unfortunately, something to think about. This Kruzer is so easily detachable from its mount, a child could do it, bringing it along inside with you for security purposes is not a big deal.

Kruzer Kaddy 100 Satin Handlebar Mount

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8 Kruzer Kaddy 200 Chrome Handlebar Mount

Meet the Kruzer Kaddy 200. This chrome beauty was designed by real people who ride bikes, and man, did they ever come up with a winner! It could be said that cup holders are a necessity for serious bikers because you won't see them stopped on the side of road, digging something to drink out of their saddle bags. Once the Kruzer is installed, you stop when you're ready, not when you're thirsty. The two insulated liners that come with it are an excellent idea, and offer a little extra security for smaller-sized drinks.

This Kruzer is popular with riders who prefer handlebar mounts, and since everything you need, including tools, are in the box, installation couldn't be any easier unless you get someone else to do it. The reversible mounting stud enables you to choose either a pivotal, or rigid position so you're not stuck with just one choice. The Kruzer Kaddy 200 is a sturdy cup holder, made of quality material, and breaking it wouldn't be easy even if you tried. Plus, if you would rather not leave your cup holder outside with your bike, just pop it off and take it inside with you, its that simple.

Kruzer Kaddy 200 Chrome Handlebar Mount

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7 RAM Mounts (RAM-B-132MU-MC1) Drink Cup Holder Magnetic

Being a Ram product, you can count on this cup holder to function exactly as advertised. Cup holders aren't really meant to make a fashion statement for motorcycles but this one does anyway. There's certainly nothing wrong with a good-looking cup holder, but what sells this Ram is the function, and quality of truly good merchandise. The Ram company carries more than 100 issued patents, and has several pending. Information like that says a lot of good things about what you can expect from this magnetic holder.

The design of the ball and socket mount utilizes an elastomeric rubber ball, and the featured non-slip function does its job very well. Other companies try to imitate Ram products but they don't really have a hope of doing so because they can't match Ram's mounting solutions. Less expensive cup holders are out there by the hundreds but that old phrase "buy cheap, get cheap" also applies to cup holders, and you get what you pay for when its a Ram. Once you've owned it for awhile, it will be obvious only the best materials went into this Ram product.


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6 Kuryakyn 1462 Universal Drink Holder Basket for Clutch/Brake Perch Mount

This Kuryakyn cup holder is designed to be mounted in three different ways so if you change your mind about one location, you still have two more to choose from. Wherever is best for you, it will work just as well on either your handlebars, clutch or break perch. A quick-detach thumb screw makes removing the holder very easy to do for those not comfortable with leaving it behind when the ride is over. A 4.7 out of a 5-star rating, plus the fact this cup holder is so often out of stock, speaks highly of its quality manufacture, durability and function.

Designed to handle most beverage sizes, there's no reason you have to deal with thirst when it's time for the next ride, you can have your favorite drink right there, just waiting for you to pick it up and take a sip. Most of us have, at one time or another, had a reason to call a company with questions or complaints about a product. If you ever have to make a call like that regarding this Kuryakyn cup holder you will be dealt with in a friendly, helpful and courteous way. You won't have to play phone tag trying to find answers or help. this company will work at it to make sure you end up a satisfied customer.

Kuryakyn 1462 Universal Drink Holder

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5 Motorcycle Cup Holder - Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Handlebar Mountable Cup Holder

If you have ever experienced the frustration of dealing with an inferior cup holder, you'll love the Kruzer Kaddy Chrome. Designed for use on the handlebars of your bike, it's not limited to that. It fits just a well on an ATV, wheelchair, or any place you need it that has up to a 1 1/4-inch bar to attach it to. Thanks to a reversible mounting stud, you have the option to choose whether you need it to pivot, or stay in a fixed position. After all, it's your bike, and you should be the one to decide that, not the manufacturer.

Not all beverage containers are going to be equal in size, but the Kruzer solves that problem with two simple, yet highly effective foam inserts. If your drink is a little on the small side, just slide the inserts in place and you're good to go. Included in the purchase is an allen wrench built for the purpose of installing this cup holder so you won't need to make a special trip to the store, or dig through your tools to find the right one. Plus, it only takes a second to detach the cup anytime you feel the need to. Sadly, in some areas it might not be there when you come back if you left it behind. Presented in leather wrap, chrome, black, or stainless steel, it doesn't matter which one you end up with, this Kruzer Kaddy will function as advertised, and make you happy to have it.

Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Handlebar Mountable

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4 Kuryakyn 1482 Passenger Drink Holder with Right Side Basket

Isn't it awful to be dying for a cool sip, or a hot one, and not a concession stand in sight for miles. This Kuryakyn cup holder is designed to keep your passenger happy and hydrated in a very attractive way. You can't argue with a rating as good as this cup holder has, and installing it is a very user-friendly process. Adding the Kuryakyn to your bike does not subtract from your motorcycles looks, it adds to them.

Here's a cup holder that was built to work, and last, for many happy miles of riding. Chrome plating gives it the kind of durability only time can prove, and as to its function or convenience, you'll love it before the first mile is behind you. It's not a budget-breaker, adds class to your ride, and quality construction ensures it has a long life ahead of it. Taking all that into consideration, what else is needed?

Kuryakyn 1482 Passenger Drink Holder

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3 Motorcycle Cup Holder - Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Cup Holder

Available in black, stainless steel, chrome, or leather wrap, the Kruzer Kaddy can be used for more than a convenient place to stash a drink. This cup holder can just as easily carry your sunglasses, cell phone, or anything else that will fit inside. Although designed for use with motorcycles or ATV's, people who need to use walkers also find them very handy. The Kruzer is going to look cool on anything it's attached to, and with a rating of 4.2 , it's not likely to let you down either.

Included are two foam inserts to allow for different sized drinks. Talk about convenient, you're not locked-in to one size, or forced to make a drink choice based on whether or not it will fit in your holder. Designed to fit up to 1 1/4-inch handlebars, it comes with an allen wrench so you have exactly what you need for hassle-free installation. Once the mount is on it can stay, but there are times when you may want to take your cup holder with you. That's not a problem, just pull it off and walk away, it's that easy.

Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Cup Holder

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2 RAM Mounts (RAM-B-174-132) Combination Brake/Clutch Reservoir U-Bolt Mount with Self-Leveling Cu

If you've ever noticed that Ram Cup Holders are sometimes in short supply, that's only because they are top-quality, and the shopping public knows it. Any time you're dealing with a company that carries over 100 patents, with over 60 pending, you're in the right place. The ball and socket mount has a non-slip feature which also includes shock and vibration dampening. Carbonated drinks really benefit from this idea as we all know how quickly a drink can go flat if it's shaken around too much. Other brands do try to copy the Ram cup holder, but they don't even come close because they can't claim the craftsmanship or quality of this well-built product.

A company with Ram's reputation doesn't use less than the best of anything. Whether it's durable composites, hardware, rubber, stainless steel, or aluminum, if it's Ram you will know the material it comes from is the best to be had. Plus, when Ram says a kit is complete, they mean exactly that. Everything you need to install your new cup holder, and begin enjoying it will be in that kit. This is a quality item that is also cost-effective, and it's not often you see those two claims made about the same product.


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1 RAM Mount RAM-B132R Drink Cup Holder with U-Bolt Base

If you look closely at every motorcycle you see on the road today, 99% of them are going to have some way to keep a drink handy. RAM is one of the biggest names in the business, and the quality built-in to their merchandise is what put them there. This Ram Cup Holder is easily removable, leaving behind only the mount attached to the handle bars. Depending on where you park your bike, being able to just grab it and go could be the difference between keeping your beverage holder, or losing it to someone with sticky fingers.

Designed to mount on your handlebars using a secure u-bolt, it will stay tight, and not wobble out of place no matter how rough the road gets. This cup holder will work on bars up to 1-inch in diameter, so getting a good fit for your bike is no problem, unless of course, your bars are bigger than the average, and most aren't. The best thing you could say about this product is people who've owned them before, always buy them again when they need to add a little class to a new bike.

RAM-B132R Drink Cup Holder

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