The 10 Most Evil Women in History

Added by Nicola Porrill on Feb 10, 2019

Tracey Wigginton (born 1965)

Tracey Wigginton, also known as the 'Lesbian Vampire Killer', developed a taste for blood when she started drinking the blood of pigs and cows, which she was given by a butcher. She even drank blood directly from the carefully-slit wrists of her girlfriend.

One night, the two women and two of their friends convinced a drunk man to get into their car. On the way home, they stopped off at a park, where Wigginton stabbed him so many times that his head almost came off. With her friends watching, she drank the blood which spurted from his body.

This is one of the most bizarre stories on the list - it's so shocking and incomprehensible that 'evil' is the only explanation for it. Anyway, who said vampires were confined to the Twilight saga?


Ilse Koch (1906-1967)

Karl Koch is a name that most of us are familiar with; he was commandant of two WW2 concentration camps. Dishearteningly, his wife Ilse Koch was as beastly and brutal as he was. Eventually, she reached the level of 'chief overseer' of the few female Nazi guards which were present at Buchenwald. Obviously, this gave her immense power, which quite frankly, she abused. It is widely believed that she specifically chose tattooed inmates to be killed, in order that she could cut the tattoos from their skins and keep them as souvenirs. Sickeningly, it was thought that she had lamp shades in her house made from human skin, as well, but when she was later tried these were discovered to be goat skin.

A vile woman, she was famous for being promiscuous and openly having sexual relationships with other SS officers, and even some camp inmates - at the same time as being married to her husband. However, she didn't stop there. She was responsible for building an indoor sports arena - this might sound like a beacon of light, a blessing to society, but the 250,000 marks which were spent on the construction were stolen from concentration camp inmates. It begs the question of what lengths she would have gone to, or at would point she would have stopped her sickening behaviour. Did this woman have no morals? It's frustrating that this 'Witch of Buchenwald' (or 'Die Hexe von Buchenwald', as she was known) chose the cowardly option and hanged herself in prison at the age of 60. However, I can't help but feel pleased that the world was rid of one more foul excuse for a human being.

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