The 10 Most Evil Women in History

Added by Nicola Porrill on Nov 23, 2021
most evil women

Traditionally speaking, throughout history and nature, men have been stronger, more aggressive and more violent than women. Dating back thousands of years, it was the men who were the hunters, going out to kill for food, while the women stayed in their homes and villages. That's why it's unsurprising to us when a man commits an awful criminal act - shocking, yes, but surprising, no.

Women are supposed to be naturally caring, compassionate people, so it shocks us to our very core when a woman breaks the mold and commits a heinous crime. Although we've probably all heard on the news about women who have killed - even their own children, on occasions - I bet nobody expected that women could be capable of such hideous crimes as these ten ladies. Their actions are filled with such pure evil that it's impossible for us to understand.

So, lets get right into it. Our journey of the 10 most evil women begins with Rosemary West - a nasty woman by all accounts.


Dorothea Puente (1929-2011)

A sweet little old lady who runs a boarding house for elderly, unwell and otherwise vulnerable people is hardly your first candidate for murder, but that's exactly what Dorothea Puente was. In her younger days, she drugged people, stole from them, ran a brothel, and did time in jail. However, after she moved to Sacramento, CA., she started up a boarding house where she took in people in need. Some people praised her for her kind nature and hospitality, while others saw a darker side... some 25 sick, troubled elderly men were trapped and killed.

Her motives were monetary, as she continued to forge their Social Security checks, spending the money on clothes, makeup and even plastic surgery. Anyone who places such materialistic items above the value of human life is clearly the lowest of the low, the most evil of all.


Belle Gunness (1859-1931)

Belle Gunness was a formidable woman. She stood at 6 ft (1.83 m) tall and weighed over 200 lb (91 kg). A strong, powerful woman, she was born in Norway but moved to America at around the age of 20. As if any one reason could be more appalling than another, what would you consider to be the worst reason for killing? I would suggest that murder for monetary gain (rather than out of anger or spite) is the most awful, because it is so cold and selfish. However, that's exactly what Belle Gunness did. She killed for money - mostly life insurance policies or cash - eventually earning around a quarter of a million dollars, an extortionate amount at those times. To build up this sort of wealth, she murdered both her husbands, all of her children, friends, and most boyfriends and admirers.

The number of dead tops 20, but rumors suggest that she could have killed as many as 100 people. Perhaps most shockingly of all is that she was never caught or charged. After a fire at her home (during which another woman died, who was believed to be Gunness for some time) she fled and escaped, and managed to live out her days without ever facing repercussions for what she'd done. In this case, to say life is unfair is the understatement of the century!

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