Learn Photography: 10 Tips For Taking Pictures Like A Professional

Added by Edan Barak on Aug 29, 2021

Understand the range of your flash

If you are taking a picture out of the range of the flash, it will not lighten the picture properly and your picture will be dark. If you are too close, the subject could be whitewashed. A good rule of thumb is to be about 10 feet from your subject if you cannot find out the range of your flash in the manual.


Use a plain background that is not busy but not necessarily something indoors

A plain background could be a stand of trees behind your subject, a building or something else that draws the eye to your subject and enhances the picture. Don't forget to study the background as you set up the picture. You don't want anything in the picture that could make it look unusual or unnatural, such as cars in the background seemingly dangling from your subject's ears.

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