Funniest Sports Commercials of All Time

Added by Maegan Clearwood on Feb 25, 2019

2010 Visa

Another example of athletes making idiots of themselves for corporate sponsorship, this commercial features the 7 foot 9 inch tall Yao Ming facing down American naiveté. This ad actually looks like it’s from the ‘90s based on the cashier’s backward baseball cap and copious use of the word “yo,” but the retro quality is actually part of its charm. Watching Yao Ming tower over a sales clerk and wrestle with the pure idiocy of the American public is really hilarious, making it one of the funniest commercials on the list. The clever twist at the end is quite beautiful, as well.


ESPN 2010

Nerds and sports are usually mutually exclusive entities, but as this commercial proves, such a rule need not be the case. In a hilarious and quirky scenario of Star Trek meets small-town football, this ad introduces us to the sports-loving town of Oxford, Mississippi and its search for a new mascot. A delightful example of high-quality storytelling, this commercial is so engaging that it masquerades as an actual trailer for a video instead of a funny mockumentary. Ultimately, this almost-Cinderella Story favors the jocks over the underdogs, but it remains a promising glimpse into what the world might be like if nerds ruled.

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