Funniest Sports Commercials of All Time

Added by Maegan Clearwood on Apr 30, 2021
funniest sports ads

Maybe athletes are secretly really funny; perhaps it’s evolutionary and there’s something about human nature that instinctively finds kicking objects across a field amusing; maybe sports fans are just easily amused. Whatever the reason, ads about athletes tend to be hilarious, from football players acting silly to basketball stars fighting over a Big Mac. Some of the commercials on this list aired on Super Bowl night, but others are just your standard, run-of-the-mill epic sports ads. So relax, grab a beer and some wings, and enjoy the most hilarious sports commercials of all time.


1993 McDonalds

A classic in sports commercial history, this is one of a handful of ads in which Larry Bird made a total fool of himself for an enormous paycheck. What’s great about this funny ad is that it features not one, but two basketball legends. Think about it: What would happen two incredible athletes like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird challenged each other to a game of HORSE? This commercial may not be too far off from the truth, making it one of the best sports ads of all time.


2008 Verizon

Hockey fans are crazy. New dads are crazy. Therefore, logic dictates that hockey fans who are also new dads must be absolutely delirious. This funny ad likens the plastic barrier between spectators and newborns to a hockey rink wall, with hilarious results. This is one of several hockey ads on the list, which probably says something about that particular demographic of fans. This hockey ad, however, is particularly funny because it is so easy to imagine a hockey fan going ballistic over something as epic as his favorite sport -- like seeing his firstborn child, for example.
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