10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 30, 2019

Find an unusual place to sleep

Sleeping somewhere more interesting than just in a bedroom or on your friend's living room floor is a great idea to ramp up the excitement! Try to be as adventurous as possible, but don't forget to stay safe. I've always wanted to sleep atop a roof terrace, so that would get my vote! Put up a tent in the garden (or inside if you've got enough space), or if you have a caravan for family holidays then why not sleep there? You could go for something as simple as sleeping under the stars. Treehouses are also really fun to sleep in, but if the weather isn't so great, then find somewhere a little quirky inside. If you're brave enough, spend the night up in the attic!


Decorate pillowcases/pyjamas

Getting creative with your friends is always a fun way to hang out; this idea is a little more exciting than the standard jewelry-making. Either buy a bunch of cheap, plain pillowcases or large T-shirts to use as nightwear, or ask all your friends to bring their own. Then just get out the fabric paints or fabric markers, and get to work! This will while away a few hours of your evening, and give you quality time to spend with your friends. However, the best part about it all is that you'll be creating something which you can use that very night! Keep them for your sleepover essentials, and look back on the memories you made for years to come.

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