10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 30, 2019

Have a themed night

There are so many possibilities with this, so you just have to go where your imagination takes you! It doesn't matter what your likes or hobbies are, there will be a way to incorporate it into a theme for your sleepover. Girls could go for a girly, spa theme, and boys could try something like an outdoors or adventure theme. If possible, try and relate everything to your theme - if you're having a sports theme, then make chilli dogs to eat, or if you're going for a spooky theme, then dress up as ghoulies or decorate your house with old Hallowe'en props. There is no limit to how many different themes you can come up with!



It doesn't matter if you're not very good in the kitchen; the important thing is to try, and have fun! Baking (or cooking, for that matter) is a great idea because it's enjoyable, you're trying something new, perfecting a skill, and making yourself something amazing to eat as well. This is yet another idea that suits both boys and girls, as well. Some of my favorite kitchen activities include making and decorating cupcakes (messy, but fun!), making my own pizzas, and popping a load of corn and laying out loads of different toppings for people to try. Some really unusual options include salt and vinegar, cheese and tomato, chilli, chocolate, peanut butter, toffee apple, you name it! If it tastes good, try it on some popcorn!

There's no reason why all the fun has to stop when you fall asleep, either. In the morning once you're all awake, make up some pancakes or waffles and try loads of different toppings, or have what the Brits call a 'Full English Breakfast'. Eggs, bacon, toast, sausages, tomatoes, baked beans, fried mushrooms, hash browns (little potato patties), the works. Try it, you might be surprised at how good it is!

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