10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 30, 2019
Have a themed night

Those nights spent giggling, devouring midnight snacks, sneaking around and watching the sunrise are some of my best memories of childhood. I'm sad to say that I've gotten too old for slumber parties, but it doesn't mean I don't have some great ideas for things I wish my friends and I had tried, and even better memories of the things we did do.

I've shared some of the best ideas with you, so you don't have to worry if you're getting stuck for ideas. Some are traditional, go-to activities which will never fail to please, and some are new things that you may not have thought of. Whether you're male or female, looking for ideas for a kiddies' sleepover or a more grown-up teenage affair, these can all be adapted to make your sleepovers exciting, enjoyable and memorable!

Still stuck for ideas? Here's a list of 10 more fun things to do at home.


Have a clothes swap

I'm willing to put money on the fact that if you're a girl, you like clothes. Even if you're not particularly into fashion, you still wear clothes, so you outgrow stuff and your wardrobe needs to be updated every so often. What better way to do this than with your girl friends at a sleepover? Get everybody to bring a few items of clothes over which they don't need or want anymore, then lay them all out and take turns trying things on. If you wanted to, you could even turn it into a fashion show! Then all you need to do is decide what you like, and swap with each other - this is a brilliant, fun way to get rid of clothes you don't wear anymore, and get a whole bunch of new stuff at the same time!

We've all had times when we've wanted to borrow something of a friend's - who knows, maybe they'll bring it along for you to keep forever! Or maybe you have a friend who always looks effortlessly chic - now you can have some of her style. Boys needn't feel left out either! You don't have to swap clothes; you could swap toys, sports gear, tools for working on your bikes and cars, video games, anything!


Talent show

This is another idea which can be either serious or fun. My friends and I used to pretend we were in girl bands and make up dance routines - maybe you could even recruit your siblings or parents to be judges, à la American Idol. Alternatively, if you want to just have a laugh and have a relaxed talent show, try something silly like singing your favorite songs after taking a lungful of breath from a helium balloon! You needn't just sing, either. Whatever your talent is, whether it's bizarre or pretty cool, show it off to your friends. You'll either be laughing your heads off, or you'll end up admiring each other for what amazing hidden talents you all have!

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