From Sinkholes to Mines to Stepwells - 10 Amazing Holes In The Earth

Added by Andrew Tyson on Nov 30, 2018

2007 Guatemalan Sinkhole

Sinkholes can form gradually or suddenly, and when they surprise your neighborhood out of the blue, it can feel like a surreal scene from an apocalypse film. So imagine what the residents of Guatemala must have felt when one fine day in 2007 one of the largest sinkholes we've ever seen opened up under a city street, dropping houses and residents into a hole as deep as an American football field is long. This is the unfortunate result.


Mir Diamond Mine, Siberia

The second deepest excavated mine in the world, a 525-meter deep hole that comes right up to the edge of the town of Mirny, the Mir Diamond Mine has been inactive since 2011 but has not been filled in. It was the first diamond mine in Russia, and the largest. Due to its depth and fairly sheer walls, a no-fly zone has been put in place over the mine – the downward air flow above the mine managed to suck down a few helicopters before officials decided to make it off-limits.

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