Five Funny Controversial Super Bowl Commercials

Added by Maegan Clearwood on Dec 5, 2017

GoDaddy 2013

It was hard to identify which of GoDaddy’s many commercials is considered its most controversial. The company has a long history of barely making it past the censorship radar if at all, and yet again, this one proved that its marketing team is creative if nothing else. A demonstration of how “smart meets sexy,” the commercial features supermodel Bar Refaeli and geeky Jesse Heiman engaging in a sloppy, cringe-worthy moment of intimacy. Viewers were shocked and disgusted, as well as offended by the sexist and objectifying undertones. It’s hard to say if this if Go Daddy’s best commercial ever considering its track record, but it’s certainly one of the most memorable.


Groupon 2013

The virtual coupon company aired three controversial commercials during Super Bowl XLV. Despite Groupon’s Twitter claims that “Like standing too close to a rainbow, viewers’ hearts are warmed by #Groupon’s Super Bowl ad,” general response was negative. Whether it’s Timothy Hutton lamenting the fate of Tibetian culture over a discount curry dish, Elizabeth Hurley expressing her delight over a half-priced Brazilian wax despite the deforestation of rainforests, or Cuba Gooding Jr. claiming that a whale-watching cruise is much better than saving the endangered creatures, Groupon created quite a stir. The young company wasn’t known for its top commercials when these aired, and these didn’t help.

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