Five Funny Controversial Super Bowl Commercials

Added by Maegan Clearwood on Dec 5, 2017
funniest super bowl ads

Whether you consider them an entertaining bonus or they’re the only reason you watch the big game, funny Super Bowl commercials are some of the best of the year. Because there’s so much pressure for advertisers to make an impact each year, the ads have become increasingly provocative, risking censorship for the sake of comedy. The following five ads were received with dubious reviews from some viewers; although funny, these commercials were also highly controversial.


SalesGenie 2008

This is a rare case where public reaction was so negative, the company actually had to apologize. The commercial stars two heavily-accented Chinese pandas whose bamboo store is going out of business until Salesgenie sweeps in and saves the day. The ad was denounced for its overt racial stereotypes and was later pulled (although the other Salesgenie ad, featuring Indian salesperson Ramesh, remained on the air). One of the more explicitly offensive commercials on this list, the infamous panda Super Bowl ad marks one of Salesgenie's low points.


Skechers 2012

This one created a monumental outcry months before it aired. As soon as animal-lovers and activists caught wind of the commercial’s concept -- a bulldog competing in a greyhound dog race -- they started Internet campaigns and petitions to pull it before game day. The shoe company won, just as their underdog protagonist does in the 30-second clip. Despite the controversy, the commercial was
widely considered one of the best that year. Whether you think it wrongly glamorizes dog racing or was actually one of the funniest commercials of all time, it’s undoubtedly a Super Bowl legend.

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