Top 10 Famous Japanese Actresses In Hollywood

Added by Andrew Tyson on Jun 18, 2021

Rinko Kikuchi

Birthplace: Hadano, Japan

The most well-known Japanese actress at this point in time, she received international acclaim for her part in the 2006 movie Babel, being nominated for and winning numerous awards across the globe for her portrayal of a deaf teenaged girl. She would get the lead role in the Spanish film Map of the Sounds of Tokyo, then hit it big in 2013 with two major roles, as a mech pilot in Pacific Rim and as a lady servant in 47 Ronin. These roles have put her in a position to be the leading face of Japanese actresses on the worldwide stage for years to come.


Koyuki Kato

Birthplace: Zama, Japan

While she only has one international film credit to her name, it’s quite a memorable one. This singularly–named actress played opposite Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai as the wife of the samurai that Cruise’s character had killed, and who takes care of him while he is a prisoner. Like many others on this list, she too started out as a model.

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