10 Of The Worst Product Fails In History

Added by Edan Barak on Aug 20, 2015

2 Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water

Yep, this is the same Coors that makes that infamous American lager. Apparently, they had been using water from springs in the Rocky Mountains in the manufacture of their beer for over a century. However, in 1990, alcohol sales were down, at around the same time as there was a rise in the popularity of bottled drinking water. Naturally, Coors thought it would be a good idea to take the same water that they had been using for decades, skip out the alcohol part, and sell their own bottled water.

Their downfall came when they used almost identical packaging on their new brand of water to that used on their beer. This confused customers, who weren't sure of what to expect from the new product. Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water never really took off, and had vanished from supermarket shelves after just a few years.

1 Earring Magic Ken

Barbie has been one of the biggest selling toys in history, since her debut in 1959. Ken has been her steadfast companion for decades, until 1993 when he had a little identity crisis. Mattel (manufacturers of Barbie and Ken) surveyed young girls, asking what they thought of Ken. Apparently, they liked him, but wanted him to be 'cooler'. Mattel's answer? Earring Magic Ken...or 'Gay Ken', as he was dubbed.

Earring Magic Ken wore black pants, a mesh T-shirt, a purple vest, a silver chain around his neck, and a purple earring in his left ear. Although this was probably not the idea of Ken that the little girls had in mind, the gay community went mad for this version of Ken.

However, Earring Magic Ken was slammed by many, including gay community commentator Dan Savage, who wrote: 'Queer Ken is the high-water mark of...either queer infiltration into popular culture or the thoughtless appropriation of queer culture by heterosexuals'. Following this, Mattel recalled thousands of Earring Magic Ken dolls and discontinued this incarnation. Despite this criticism, Earring Magic Ken remains Mattel's highest selling Ken doll ever. Just don't tell Barbie.

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