Different Eye Colors And What They Say About You

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 3, 2019

Blue Eyes

Naturally blue eyes are caused by having low melanin levels in the iris - the same stuff that gives skin its pigment and color. In fact, we've all had blue eyes at one point in our lives, because all babies are born with blue eyes. For most people, their eyes change color as they grow older and develop melanin, but for a select few who don't develop as much melanin, their eyes stay blue forever. It may come as a surprize to learn than eyes appear blue for exactly the same reason as why the sky is blue. It's a process called Rayleigh Scattering - it's pretty cool to be able to say your eyes are like the sky!

People with clear blue eyes tend to have clear personalities, as well. They are kind, peaceful and like to make others happy. Blue-eyed boys and girls are very intelligent, yet young at heart, which is a lovely combination. Their eyes really do resemble windows to their souls, which is perhaps part of the reason why they are also very observant.

In Iceland, a whopping 80% of the population has blue eyes. The statistics are similar in the rest of Northern Europe and Scandinavia, where blue eyes are very common. However, they're not confined to Europe! They can also be found in some areas of Western Asia, as well as in Israel, amongst the Jewish population. Blue eyes are extremely rare in Africa. For some reason or another, people with blue eyes are becoming less and less common in the USA as time goes on. Nowadays, only one out of every six people who are born in America ends up having blue eyes. If that's you, then count yourself lucky - you're a very special find!

For a long time it was believed that blue eyes were caused by a recessive gene, but lately this has been found to be untrue. However, what is true is that people with blue eyes tend to have a higher tolerance to alcohol than those without. Drink up!

Blue eyes are absolutely ravishing to look at - you only need to look at some examples such as Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Daniel Craig to know it's true!


Grey Eyes

The exact causes of grey eyes are a little uncertain, but there's a possibility that it's down to the eyes having more collagen and less melanin than blue eyes. As a result, when light enters the eye it is scattered slightly differently, causing them to look grey, rather than blue.

Those with grey eyes are generally believed to have strong characters, with a dominant, rational, analytical mindset. People with grey eyes aren't afraid to take the lead in any situation. However, they do also have a slightly softer edge. Grey eyes are a reflection of a gentle, loyal, sensitive side, and there are definitely elements of love, passion and romance thrown in there as well! There is little that people with grey eyes can't do; they are also successful in situations where flexibility and a good imagination are a must!

Being so similar to blue eyes, it comes as no surprise that grey eyes are most commonly found in Northern and Eastern areas of Europe. However, they can pop up at various locations around the world, including North West Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Grey eyes are very striking in their own way, as you can see on Barbara Streisand, Tom Jones and Clint Eastwood. All three sport sparkling steely grey peepers.

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