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Our goal is to create lists of the best of everything in a way which is as objective, professional and unbiased as possible. To this end you, fellow experts and business owners, are our greatest asset and biggest strength, and we are definitely aware of it.

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  • Market to an interested and focused target audience
    • Our users are looking for information and you have the answers! Therefore, every positive contribution you provide will lead to interest in you and the services you provide - and therefore to potential customers.
    • As you add new lists, or provide feedback and insight into existing lists and get positive feedback, so your profile will increase in importance on the site. You will show up more prominently with a link back to your profile page.
    • You are welcome to add information about the services you provide, links to your website, a profile picture and more on your profile page. As you interact more with the website, your profile will be exposed to more people.
  • Gain insight into your customers
    • The most important thing for any business is to understand the customer, know what their problems are, their considerations when thinking of purchasing, and what they really need from you. The best way to understand the customer is to see what questions they have, and how they feel about your services, and that's exactly what we provide.

Why should you invest in your Top10Zen profile?

Your profile page is basically your business card, where you sell yourself, your knowledge and services. This page also serves as a repository for all your lists and the wealth of information they provide, so you might consider linking from your website to your profile on Top10Zen to help your surfers discover you.

As they say: What goes around comes around!

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