Your Education Is The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Invest In, Seriously

Added by Nicola Porrill on Sep 27, 2022

Pay attention at school, kids. It's good for you.

How many of us who say that actually took our own educations seriously? Probably not as many as I'd like to think. When you're young and have no responsibilities and your whole life stretches ahead of you, it seems senseless to spend days stuck in a classroom learning algebra. However, having a good education can teach you so much more than just a few facts. Education means learning life skills, realizing important lessons, and having great opportunities thrown your way.

A good education is probably the single most important thing you'll ever invest in, and here's why:


To learn facts

Believe it or not, some of the stuff you learn from a formal education is actually quite useful. A lot of it may seem unimportant or irrelevant at the time, but learning and understanding lots of different things is interesting! Plus, you never know when you might need to rely on it later down the line - that 'boring' history lesson could land you a job; that 'confusing' science lesson could save someone's life; that 'pointless' English lesson could help with your future child's homework. The list goes on!


To fit in with society

As nice as it is to flaunt your own individual personality, we all need to fit in to society at some point. Society expects everyone to go to school, with the possibility of leading on to higher education and getting a job. As a result, having an education means that you are much more likely to fit in with convention and be accepted by society, because you're more likely to get a job.

Fitting in really is that simple - society can be quite shallow sometimes! Of course, if being ostracized, left out and frowned upon is what you want to achieve out of life, then no education is the way to go.


To have better healthcare

Education is seriously important when it comes to healthcare. So many diseases spread because the communities simply don't understand the condition, and they don't know how to prevent it. Education explains preventative measures for how to avoid getting sick, as well as allowing people to recognize the symptoms of sickness sooner. This allows entire populations to get help and treatment promptly. If we educated entire continents on how to deal with certain illnesses, just think of all the diseases that we could wipe out!


It gives you purpose in life

Nobody wants to feel lazy, bored and depressed. Unfortunately, these negative emotions can go hand-in-hand with not having an education, as you never get to explore your purpose in life - you have nothing to aim for in life. No direction. However, education can allow you to explore different interests and find out what you're good at. Once you know what really appeals to you, you will realize your purpose in life, and you'll have a clearer picture of which direction you should follow. Go forth and conquer!


To help you understand the world we live in

How brilliant would it be to feel a sense of purpose and belonging within this hectic world of ours? Well, this can be achieved with a good education. Understanding where we came from, what our ancestors were like, and even how the weather works will give you a better understanding of life as a whole. Education can help you to understand our entire existence, as well as your own personal purpose on Earth. And no, before you say it, the ultimate meaning of life is not 42!


For outside experiences

Hands up: who agrees that going on a school trip is the best thing about having to slog through all that hard work? Well, believe it or not, school trips, visits and other similar opportunities can be more valuable than the work itself. This is because these experiences give a much broader, applied understanding of the subject. People who aren't going through the same process of education are much less likely to have these opportunities presented to them, so make sure you stay in school for the trips, even if nothing else!


To make someone proud

Making someone proud is a really good feeling. Family and friends love to see you succeed, achieve your dreams and do well for yourself - knowing that you've learned something and made someone proud in the process will give you a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. There's nothing better! Of course, the more you learn, the more you make your friends and family proud, which, in turn, will lead to you having even more motivation to reach even new heights!


To become streetwise

An education can teach you more than just facts - it teaches you life skills, such as how to be a little more streetwise. Without an education, people may be influenced and fooled by scams and exploitative situations more easily, because they simply don't have the knowledge to understand the situation which they face. However, with a good education under your belt, you'll be ready to recognize a potentially compromising situation and deal with it in an effective, mature way. You won't get caught up in trouble, because you'll be too busy finding a sensible way out!


For extra-curricular skills

School doesn't just teach lessons in a classroom. It also offers a whole range of extra-curricular activities which can help you to become a more rounded person. Whether it's sport, art, music, drama or something else, these are opportunities which aren't likely to be available to people who don't pursue an education. What's going to be your next skill?


To keep up with the technological world

In this world where we are becoming ever-more reliant on technology, it seems like you need an education in order to get anything done. Gone are the days when a mechanic could stick his hands in a car and learn through trial and error how everything fits together. Now, with everything being computerized, you have to learn how the system works before you can get to work on everything from a car to the supermarket checkouts!


To improve equality

This isn't one of the most obvious reasons why education is crucial, but it is one of the most important. If you want to live in a world where everyone is equal, then one of the first steps to take is giving everyone the same standard of education. Skip out that education and you're immediately letting the side down - you're not allowing the very same equality that you say you want to achieve!


It leads to innovation

Think about all the progress that humans have made over the last few thousand years. Without education we would never have reached the Moon, we would never have been able to fly, and we would never have found the cures for so many diseases. Education gives you the inspiration and tools to push the boundaries of what we do and know at the moment. In other words, education opens up entire new worlds full of possibilities, and whole new areas for discovery. With a good education, who knows what else we will achieve?


To earn respect

You've probably heard it said that you earn respect. You've probably also heard that respect works two ways. If you manage to sit through decades' worth of schooling with a conscientious and respectful attitude, then you are more likely to be respected by your teachers, peers, future employers and society in general. Completing a process of education deserves a pat on the back - you will have earned it!


To gain confidence

It goes without saying that education breeds confidence. As you gain knowledge and learn where your strengths lie, it gives you the courage to go out and take on the world! Being uneducated might lead to feelings of not having succeeded, or being inferior to educated people, which can cause very low confidence levels. Without a shadow of a doubt, having confidence makes you feel great, and if an education is the way to achieve it then so be it!


To keep a safe community

Rules and boundaries at school or some other educational environment help you to learn right from wrong, or what is considered acceptable. This transfers to the wider world, where you can transfer your knowledge - you can decide what behavior is appropriate and what isn't. Take theft and violence as a couple of examples - education can teach people that these aren't acceptable types of behavior. As you'll be less likely to find yourself caught up in trouble, this makes a safer community for others, as well as a happier life for you as an individual!


To make your dreams reality

If you have hopes and dreams, then an education can help you achieve them. Without a certain amount of background knowledge, it would be extremely difficult to achieve things in life. However, with an education under your belt you're more likely to be able to obtain that dream job, earn that fat salary, raise a healthy family, and so on. Use education as a stepping stone to achieving whatever you set your mind to!


For the country's economic growth

If you're feeling disillusioned with your country's state of affairs, then do something about it. There is strong evidence that good standards of education and high literacy rates have a strong positive correlation with economic growth and success. In contrast, poverty is rife in those countries that have very low literacy rates and a poor education. It's clear to see that developing skills and gaining an education will lead to economic growth - essentially, you'll be helping the wider community as well as yourself!


To survive in everyday life

Education is all about survival. We're not talking about Bear Grylls here - this is survival in everyday life. Too many people leave school not being able to read or do basic sums, but how can they expect to do the grocery shopping, fill in tax returns or just read mail? Without an education this is so much harder; some of the basic skills that an education teaches you are actually essential in everyday life. Even the most simple of educations can help you to at least get by.


To earn more money!

Let's face it: most people are in their jobs because they need the money! They say that money makes the world go round, and they're right - it would be quite nice to be sitting on a tidy lump sum! That's one reason why education is important, because most of the time it's the people with the best educations who reach the top jobs.

In other words, a good education is more likely to earn you a high paying career. This is simply because people with a good education have a lot of pertinent knowledge and experience which is needed to do the job properly - without an education, it simply won't be possible to complete a lot of jobs due to a lack of knowledge. Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy cupcakes - what better reason is there to get a good education than the promise of cake?


To make friends

Many people find it difficult to make friends, but being forced into a learning environment with other people naturally causes you to find people with similar interests. They're like a ready-made group of friends! An education can introduce you to people with whom you will form strong bonds and friendships, which often last for decades.

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