Your Education Is The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Invest In, Seriously

Added by Nicola Porrill on Mar 21, 2019

For extra-curricular skills

School doesn't just teach lessons in a classroom. It also offers a whole range of extra-curricular activities which can help you to become a more rounded person. Whether it's sport, art, music, drama or something else, these are opportunities which aren't likely to be available to people who don't pursue an education. What's going to be your next skill?


To keep up with the technological world

In this world where we are becoming ever-more reliant on technology, it seems like you need an education in order to get anything done. Gone are the days when a mechanic could stick his hands in a car and learn through trial and error how everything fits together. Now, with everything being computerized, you have to learn how the system works before you can get to work on everything from a car to the supermarket checkouts!


To improve equality

This isn't one of the most obvious reasons why education is crucial, but it is one of the most important. If you want to live in a world where everyone is equal, then one of the first steps to take is giving everyone the same standard of education. Skip out that education and you're immediately letting the side down - you're not allowing the very same equality that you say you want to achieve!


It leads to innovation

Think about all the progress that humans have made over the last few thousand years. Without education we would never have reached the Moon, we would never have been able to fly, and we would never have found the cures for so many diseases. Education gives you the inspiration and tools to push the boundaries of what we do and know at the moment. In other words, education opens up entire new worlds full of possibilities, and whole new areas for discovery. With a good education, who knows what else we will achieve?


To earn respect

You've probably heard it said that you earn respect. You've probably also heard that respect works two ways. If you manage to sit through decades' worth of schooling with a conscientious and respectful attitude, then you are more likely to be respected by your teachers, peers, future employers and society in general. Completing a process of education deserves a pat on the back - you will have earned it!

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