Your Education Is The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Invest In, Seriously

Added by Nicola Porrill on Sep 27, 2022

To improve equality

This isn't one of the most obvious reasons why education is crucial, but it is one of the most important. If you want to live in a world where everyone is equal, then one of the first steps to take is giving everyone the same standard of education. Skip out that education and you're immediately letting the side down - you're not allowing the very same equality that you say you want to achieve!


It leads to innovation

Think about all the progress that humans have made over the last few thousand years. Without education we would never have reached the Moon, we would never have been able to fly, and we would never have found the cures for so many diseases. Education gives you the inspiration and tools to push the boundaries of what we do and know at the moment. In other words, education opens up entire new worlds full of possibilities, and whole new areas for discovery. With a good education, who knows what else we will achieve?


To earn respect

You've probably heard it said that you earn respect. You've probably also heard that respect works two ways. If you manage to sit through decades' worth of schooling with a conscientious and respectful attitude, then you are more likely to be respected by your teachers, peers, future employers and society in general. Completing a process of education deserves a pat on the back - you will have earned it!


To gain confidence

It goes without saying that education breeds confidence. As you gain knowledge and learn where your strengths lie, it gives you the courage to go out and take on the world! Being uneducated might lead to feelings of not having succeeded, or being inferior to educated people, which can cause very low confidence levels. Without a shadow of a doubt, having confidence makes you feel great, and if an education is the way to achieve it then so be it!


To keep a safe community

Rules and boundaries at school or some other educational environment help you to learn right from wrong, or what is considered acceptable. This transfers to the wider world, where you can transfer your knowledge - you can decide what behavior is appropriate and what isn't. Take theft and violence as a couple of examples - education can teach people that these aren't acceptable types of behavior. As you'll be less likely to find yourself caught up in trouble, this makes a safer community for others, as well as a happier life for you as an individual!

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