Your Education Is The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Invest In, Seriously

Added by Nicola Porrill on Sep 27, 2022

For outside experiences

Hands up: who agrees that going on a school trip is the best thing about having to slog through all that hard work? Well, believe it or not, school trips, visits and other similar opportunities can be more valuable than the work itself. This is because these experiences give a much broader, applied understanding of the subject. People who aren't going through the same process of education are much less likely to have these opportunities presented to them, so make sure you stay in school for the trips, even if nothing else!


To make someone proud

Making someone proud is a really good feeling. Family and friends love to see you succeed, achieve your dreams and do well for yourself - knowing that you've learned something and made someone proud in the process will give you a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. There's nothing better! Of course, the more you learn, the more you make your friends and family proud, which, in turn, will lead to you having even more motivation to reach even new heights!


To become streetwise

An education can teach you more than just facts - it teaches you life skills, such as how to be a little more streetwise. Without an education, people may be influenced and fooled by scams and exploitative situations more easily, because they simply don't have the knowledge to understand the situation which they face. However, with a good education under your belt, you'll be ready to recognize a potentially compromising situation and deal with it in an effective, mature way. You won't get caught up in trouble, because you'll be too busy finding a sensible way out!


For extra-curricular skills

School doesn't just teach lessons in a classroom. It also offers a whole range of extra-curricular activities which can help you to become a more rounded person. Whether it's sport, art, music, drama or something else, these are opportunities which aren't likely to be available to people who don't pursue an education. What's going to be your next skill?


To keep up with the technological world

In this world where we are becoming ever-more reliant on technology, it seems like you need an education in order to get anything done. Gone are the days when a mechanic could stick his hands in a car and learn through trial and error how everything fits together. Now, with everything being computerized, you have to learn how the system works before you can get to work on everything from a car to the supermarket checkouts!

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