Your Education Is The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Invest In, Seriously

Added by Nicola Porrill on Feb 18, 2019

Pay attention at school, kids. It's good for you.

How many of us who say that actually took our own educations seriously? Probably not as many as I'd like to think. When you're young and have no responsibilities and your whole life stretches ahead of you, it seems senseless to spend days stuck in a classroom learning algebra. However, having a good education can teach you so much more than just a few facts. Education means learning life skills, realizing important lessons, and having great opportunities thrown your way.

A good education is probably the single most important thing you'll ever invest in, and here's why:


To help you understand the world we live in

How brilliant would it be to feel a sense of purpose and belonging within this hectic world of ours? Well, this can be achieved with a good education. Understanding where we came from, what our ancestors were like, and even how the weather works will give you a better understanding of life as a whole. Education can help you to understand our entire existence, as well as your own personal purpose on Earth. And no, before you say it, the ultimate meaning of life is not 42!


It gives you purpose in life

Nobody wants to feel lazy, bored and depressed. Unfortunately, these negative emotions can go hand-in-hand with not having an education, as you never get to explore your purpose in life - you have nothing to aim for in life. No direction. However, education can allow you to explore different interests and find out what you're good at. Once you know what really appeals to you, you will realize your purpose in life, and you'll have a clearer picture of which direction you should follow. Go forth and conquer!


To learn facts

Believe it or not, some of the stuff you learn from a formal education is actually quite useful. A lot of it may seem unimportant or irrelevant at the time, but learning and understanding lots of different things is interesting! Plus, you never know when you might need to rely on it later down the line - that 'boring' history lesson could land you a job; that 'confusing' science lesson could save someone's life; that 'pointless' English lesson could help with your future child's homework. The list goes on!


To have better healthcare

Education is seriously important when it comes to healthcare. So many diseases spread because the communities simply don't understand the condition, and they don't know how to prevent it. Education explains preventative measures for how to avoid getting sick, as well as allowing people to recognize the symptoms of sickness sooner. This allows entire populations to get help and treatment promptly. If we educated entire continents on how to deal with certain illnesses, just think of all the diseases that we could wipe out!


To survive in everyday life

Education is all about survival. We're not talking about Bear Grylls here - this is survival in everyday life. Too many people leave school not being able to read or do basic sums, but how can they expect to do the grocery shopping, fill in tax returns or just read mail? Without an education this is so much harder; some of the basic skills that an education teaches you are actually essential in everyday life. Even the most simple of educations can help you to at least get by.

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