20 Unique and Creative Product Packaging Designs

Added by Edan Barak on Jan 27, 2021


Mark my words: fancy teas will be the next big thing. We've already seen a huge leap in popularity from your standard bag thrown in a mug of water, to specialist herbal and flavored loose leaf teas. As a result, it stands to reason that manufacturers are always looking for a new niche to find within the tea market, and one that hadn't been filled was teepee shaped tea bags. Until now!

Teapee Packaging Design

These cute tea bags do actually look like little teepees, and they come in cardboard packaging which also resemble the nomadic Native American dwellings. Aside from being really cool, these tea bags will actually give you a better tasting cup of tea - the extra room will allow the leaves to circulate more easily, leading to better flavor!

Teapee Cup


Gloji Juice

I did a double take when I first saw this packaging. At a first glance it just looks like an ordinary light bulb, but on closer inspection it becomes clear that it's actually a bottle of Gloji juice. The juice itself contains a remarkable number of minerals and antioxidants, which gives the drinker a boost of energy. This is reflected in the light bulb design, which suggests that you'll be energized from the outside in. I'm not sure how well this would stack in the fridge, but if you ask me it's more like a work of art than a piece of practical packaging!

Gloji Juice Lightbulb Packaging


Festina Watches

It's all very well for companies to make big claims about their products, but it's very rare for us to actually see these claims put to the test right in front of our very eyes. However, the folks at Festina broke the mold.

Festina Diving Watches Packaging

They designed a range of waterproof wristwatches which are suitable for diving - what better way to demonstrate their water resistant qualities than by selling the watches in a bag of water? They sold clear plastic bags, each filled with water as well as a watch, so everything's visible to the customers. This was a gutsy move by Festina; they were putting their necks on the line, but it shows how confident they were in their product!

Festina Diving Watches


El Gaucho

In a world where convenience and fast food rule our lives, it's important to highlight the values of fresh food and make it seem more appealing, as there have been countless studies on its health benefits. El Gaucho have designed some great packaging which makes fresh meat much more appealing: it's obviously very high quality.

El Gaucho Fresh Meat Packaging

The cardboard cover looks just like a real chopping board, along with a knife and other flavorings such as garlic. It's so realistic, which is what makes it so brilliant! If all fresh food looked as rich and inviting as this, McDonald's would go out of business!

El Gaucho Fresh Meat Packaging Garlic


Piper Heidseick - Rosé Sauvage Champagne by Viktor and Rolf

We've already seen one creative champagne packaging design on this list, but the Piper Heidseick - Rosé Sauvage Champagne by Viktor and Rolf takes it to a whole other level. Here, they have actually turned everything you would associate with champagne (the bottle, ice bucket and champagne flute) on their heads - literally.

Upside Down Champagne Packaging

They all appear to be upside down, which gives you a truly unique champagne drinking experience. This isn't something you'll come across everyday, but it's an inspired piece of design, as its creativity will definitely get people talking!

Upside Down Champagne

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