20 Unique and Creative Product Packaging Designs

Added by Edan Barak on Jan 27, 2021
creative product packaging designs

They say that 'clothes make the man', and the same is true in the world of product marketing.

Gone are the days when the most creative a product's packaging got was a paper bag with a handle - these days packaging designers are pulling all the stops to come up with the most innovative ways to showcase their products. In fact, in many cases the packaging is the product, and the product itself is just an excuse. Here are 20 of the most unique and creative examples of packaging we're sure you'll enjoy.

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Bzzz Armenian Honey

For some reason honey manufacturers seem to be much more creative when it comes to packaging than most other food types. There are countless different packaging styles for honey, which are all something special. However, this Bzzz Armenian honey is probably the best of the best.

Bzzz Armenian Honey

Each jar of honey is encased within a beautifully crafted wooden beehive, made from a stack of rings. As well as being a clever idea in that it shows the relationship between the beehive and the honey, it just gives a really good sense of being quality, natural stuff. This is the kind of packaging that makes you want to pick it off the shelf and try it!

Armenian Honey


Battery Salt & Pepper Shaker

Some people make a hobby out of collecting salt and pepper shakers, so they're always looking for a new and original design. This set is pretty cool, as they've been made to look like D cell batteries - even the packaging which they come in looks like battery packaging! The extra clever thing about these salt and pepper shakers is that they have a small window down the side, so you can see how much 'juice' you've got left!

Battery Salt & Pepper Shaker Packaging

Battery Shaker Packaging

You can get these shakers online here


Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max is one of the biggest brands in the world. The sneakers get their name from the cushion of air in the sole, which makes them super comfortable to wear. Naturally, this is a feature which Nike want to focus on, and they really brought it to customers' attention with this unique packaging idea.

Nike Air Max Packaging

Each pair of sneakers was displayed and sold inside a transparent plastic cushion, filled with air. It may have looked impressive and got people talking, but I'm not sure it could have been any good for the environment! Nevertheless, this unique packaging design served another purpose: not only did it show off the 'Air' brand perfectly, but it protected the shoes during shipping, as well!


Expiry Date Milk Cartons

Thanks to these genius milk cartons, we no longer have to sniff the milk before we drink it - or, even worse, in a sleepy daze pour it into our cereal before realising that it's gone off. That's because some clever cookie has designed a milk carton which starts off white (as usual) but which gradually turns orange as time goes on. The more orange it is, the closer it is to its expiry date, and the closer you are to having sour milk. On one hand this is really handy, but on the other hand it's another excuse for us not to think for ourselves!

Expiry Date Milk Cartons


Kiss Fruit Purées

I don't know many people who eat (or should that be drink?) fruit and vegetable purées, but if there's one way to make them more popular it's through creative packaging. These Kiss fruit and vegetable purées have pulled it off remarkably well, actually, as the designers have come up with something really quirky and fun.

Kiss Fruit Purées Skeleton

Printed on the side of each pouch is a face - not always a human face, I should add - so when you drink straight from the nozzle it looks as though you're kissing whoever is on the packaging. This is a really lighthearted idea which certainly makes purées more exciting!

Kiss Fruit Purées Alien

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