10 Celebrities with STDs - #6 Is Quite Shocking!

Added by Andrew Tyson on Apr 11, 2019

Billy Idol (Genital Herpes)

It’s not shocking that this shock punk star contracted an STD - what’s surprising is that it wasn't anything worse.

A product of the rock-and-roll excess of the 70s and 80s, he complained that the AIDS crisis put an end to his free-love lifestyle, which used to include having his friends go and round up as many attractive women as possible for Idol and his band.


Pamela Anderson (Hepatitis C)

While not technically an STD, Hepatitis C can be transmitted through sexual contact on occasion. Pamela Anderson became the most high-profile case of this disease when she contracted it from her ex-husband, Motley Crue drummer and failed reality television star Tommy Lee. Given his years of drug use, unsafe tattoo practices, and general griminess, it shouldn't have surprised her.

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