10 Celebrities with STDs - #6 Is Quite Shocking!

Added by Andrew Tyson on Apr 11, 2019

Magic Johnson (HIV)

After announcing his HIV infection to the world in November of 1991, Johnson created the Magic Johnson Foundation to help combat HIV and other disease. He acknowledged that he likely contracted HIV through having multiple sexual partners during his basketball career, although he said he could not pinpoint the exact person, time, or place. This caused some speculation as to his sexual orientation, fueled by rumors started by NBA players and helped along by the idea that heterosexual people could not contract HIV through sex, something that was misunderstood at the time – it can be transmitted between both gay and straight partners. Johnson has been the leading face of HIV for the last two decades.


Trey Songz (Crabs)

In a radio interview, this mildly successful rapper admitted to contracting the disease from an unknown female while in his teen years. Crabs is not really a disease, but an infestation – which, if you think about it, makes it even more disgusting. Thankfully, it is easily treatable and is not necessarily a recurring problem when treated correctly.

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