10 Celebrities with STDs - #6 Is Quite Shocking!

Added by Andrew Tyson on Apr 11, 2019

Greg Louganis (HIV/AIDS)

When he hit his head on the Olympic diving board in Seoul, the whole world gasped – they wondered if the 1984 Gold Medalist would be able to repeat his incredible run, or if he would leave the competition due to injury. He would keep going, again winning 2 gold medals, and earning "Athlete of the Year" from the Wide World of Sports.

The world may have gasped even louder if Louganis had already disclosed what would become known later that year – Louganis was HIV positive. Thankfully, chlorine is known to kill HIV, and with the blood diluted in thousands of gallons of water, there was no risk to any other diver. Louganis would go on to become a public face of the HIV epidemic, as well as one of the most visible gay athletes in a time when coming out of the closet was still rare in both public and private.


Tommy Morrison (HIV/AIDS)

A highly-successful boxer whose in-ring skill would lead to a movie opportunity in Rocky V, it is still in question as to whether or not Morrison had AIDS.

In 1996, Morrison tested positive for HIV, and in February of that year he held a news conference where he came out and said he had contracted it because of a "permissive, fast and reckless lifestyle". He founded the KnockOut AIDS Foundation to raise funds and recognition. However, in 2007, he was tested numerous times for HIV, with none of the tests showing that he was positive. Morrison died in 2013, due to numerous causes that may or may not have been related to HIV or AIDS, and even after his death his mother and his wife are still at odds as to whether or not he was positive – his mother claims he was, his wife denies it.

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