10 Celebrities with STDs - #6 Is Quite Shocking!

Added by Andrew Tyson on Jan 6, 2022
celebrities with stds

It's not surprising that Hollywood's promiscuous culture is the cause of many celebrities contracting STDs. What is surprising is how rarely the topic is brought up, and how few celebrities have actually admitted to contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Recently a number of celebs have decided to come out and admit that they've contracted an STD of one type or another - most commonly herpes - and have started using their celebrity status to increase awareness of such diseases. Some, like Magic Johnson and Tommy Morrison, have gone so far as to create foundations to help combat the disease, which just goes to show that fame can be put to use for the greater good.

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Anne Heche (Genital Herpes)

With a long history of sexual issues in her family, Heche wrote in her memoir that she has had genital herpes since she was an infant, claiming it was contracted from her father through early sexual abuse. While she blames her father, a closeted homosexual who died of complications from AIDS at 45 years of age, her family denies this fact, with both her mother – a Christian therapist who lectures about being able to “overcome homosexuality” – and her sister speaking out against Heche’s claims. Given her psychological problems over the years, her mother is correct to doubt her.


David Hasselhoff (Genital Herpes)

Don’t hassle the Hoff about his sex life, he appears to have enjoyed the 80s greatly. While he has turned into somewhat of a punchline for the current generation, Hasselhoff was, at one point, one of the hottest actors on television and the big screen. Along with being a celebrity comes plenty of willing partners, and plenty of diseases. His infection wasn’t made public until his 2006 divorce from his wife, who came out and said that he has been infected since before they were married, in 1989.

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