10 Wonderful Gifts for Grandparents

Added by Nicola Porrill on Feb 13, 2015


As they retire, people generally have less spare cash lying around, and they may find it more difficult to get down to the shops, so they may not take as much care over their wardrobe as they did before. That's why clothes and accessories are great little treats for them, as they may not ordinarily buy them themselves. For the younger, trendy grandmother this could mean summer hats or handbags, or for grandfathers it could be anything from shirts to socks! You could even choose a staple that you know they'll wear, like nightwear, slips or hankerchiefs - and why not try personalising them yourself?

If you're handy with a needle and thread, embroider a little motif in the corner to make the items more original and personal - your grandparents will love it! This is also something you can get kids involved in: get them to tie-dye some hankies to create a fun but useful gift that has loads of personality!


Something to remind them of their past

Let's be honest: old people are probably not going to be interested in most of the music and television of today. They prefer the stuff that they were brought up on! So give them something that will take them back to that time - something that they can reminisce on. My grandparents have been thrilled with some of the Vera Lynn and wartime song CDs which I've given them in the past, and often I'll catch them still singing along! Other options include DVDs, as you can get almost anything on DVD nowadays!

My granny's particularly fond of one of Judy Garland's lesser-known films, so that's the perfect present as she can watch it to her heart's content. That's the type of gift that I'm talking about here. Take your grandparents back to their youth and give them something they can enjoy time and time again, year after year.


Turn family photos into something

In this day and age of cell phones and digital cameras, we all have thousands of family photos at our fingertips. Do something useful with the best of them, by turning them into something which grandparents can look at and cherish forever. Alternatively, have one of those professional photo shoots done - great fun for you and the family, and it ends up in a great gift, killing two birds with one stone!

This could be something small like a fridge magnet, a calendar (a perfect Christmas gift idea!), or splash out on a canvas print or a digital photo frame with photos already pre-loaded. Photobooks are also becoming increasingly popular, and they're a good choice if you have too many photos to choose from! They're great quality, they show the photos off brilliantly, and they'll give grandparents something to look at whenever they're at a loose end, for years to come!


Something for their hobby

When they stop working, our grandparents have a lot more time on their hands to indulge in their hobbies. Therefore, this is one of the easiest gift ideas for them, as all you need to do is buy something for their passion! If they're gardeners then pick up a few tools or even new plants, or if they're into sports like golf then there is a whole range of accessories you can buy!

A magazine subscription is also a good idea, especially if their hobby is difficult to buy for, such as photography or an interest in cars. Going for a magazine subscription will give them a whole year of enjoyment! Books are brilliant, too, but if their eyesight is going, then buy a selection of audio books for them to listen to and enjoy. You could even burn them onto CDs so that they could listen to them around the house or in the car, as many times as they wish!


Something handmade

This is the most personal of gifts, and it's one which will probably be the most appreciated as you will have put so much thought, effort and attention in! For younger grandchildren, something as easy as a handmade picture or card will be cherished by their grandparents. As the grandchildren get older, get them involved in baking and wrapping up fancy cookies, creating a scrapbook of the grandparents' lives so far, or even painting a pottery mug!

At one point I had no money which I could afford to spend on gifts, so for my granny's birthday I put pen to poem and wrote her a really heartfelt poem. Later she phoned me to thank me for it, and she was so touched that she said she'd keep it beside her bed and re-read it often. She even wrote one back for my birthday, and it honestly is one of my most treasured possessions! It's this kind of handmade, thoughtful, personal touch which goes a long way and which will be appreciated the most. Get creative: these really are the best kinds of gifts.

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