10 Wonderful Gifts for Grandparents

Added by Nicola Porrill on Feb 13, 2015
gifts for grandparents

Grandparents are treasures; they give so much unconditional love, support, wisdom and guidance. We love them to bits, so why are they so darn hard to buy presents for? They seem to have everything, and those things they don't have, they claim to have neither a need nor a desire for. How can we show them how much we appreciate them, without giving them things that they'll never use?

I've put together loads of great ideas here, for grandchildren of all ages. There are gift ideas for grandparents to suit all budgets and all time scales, for both the well-prepared grandchildren, and those of you who like to leave things 'til the last minute!

Hopefully there will be something here as inspiration for a gift which will suit your grandparent, so get reading and use your imagination!



We've already briefly touched on the fact that time with our grandparents is one of the most precious gifts they could wish for. Make them vouchers promising to do all the things which you've been meaning to do for months, but have never got round to doing. Get out there and actually fix their garden fence or leaky tap. Go round for the evening and cook them a lovely home cooked meal.

Take them out for afternoon tea somewhere nice. Stay for the weekend, doing little more than chatting and catching up! This is the sort of gift that can be put together at the last minute, by simply writing in a card! Whatever you end up doing, you'll be spending quality time with your grandparents, and you'll be making memories together. Trust me, once it's too late, you'll wish you'd given them more of your time, so spend as much of it as you can with them while you still have the chance.


The little things in life

By the time they reach old age, most people have already done all their experimenting, so they know what they like and what they don't. Realistically, this is all they need to be happy - what's the point in spending loads on trash which will look nice on their window ledge, but which they won't really like or appreciate? My grandpa loves barley sugar sweets but can't get them very easily, so he is over the moon whenever I send him a tin.

My granny enjoys a drop of sherry every evening, so one of those small little bottles goes down a treat with her. Maybe your grandparents like playing bridge on the weekend? Send them a quality pack of cards! The point to this is that you don't have to spend a lot or buy anything fancy to give a gift that they'll love. This is a particularly good option if you don't live near your grandparents, as it's usually quite cheap to send these sorts of small items in the mail - just watch out for any mailing restrictions.


Treat them

None of us are getting any older, and I'm painfully aware that time with our grandparents is running out. That's why it's a great idea to really spoil your grandparents - take them out or give them something which they would love to do, but they don't get a chance to anymore. This could be something as simple as a trip to the theater, or it could be more adventurous like a weekend away somewhere.

As they get older, grandparents tend to think less about themselves and more about those around them, so they're unlikely to spoil themselves in this way. They may have trouble getting out and about, so it might mean you have to hire a wheelchair or motorized scooter to help them, but they'll love being treated and they will appreciate all the effort you've gone to.


Gift basket/hamper

Is it just me, or are grandparents particularly hard to buy gifts for because they don't seem to want anything, and they don't have all that many different hobbies? Well, even if they only seem to be interested in one thing, make the most of it by putting together a gift basket for them.

You could either fill it with loads of little bits and bobs which they would enjoy, or you could theme it around their interests. Just a few possible ideas include making it gardening themed, sewing themed, or even food themed if their normal diet tends to be pretty limited. Whatever you choose, pop it in a basket or box, wrap it with clear plastic and finish it with a ribbon, and it will look really impressive!


Something for the grandparent who's aging physically but who is still young at heart

As horrible as it is to talk about, everyone's health starts deteriorating as they get older. People with aches, pains and medical problems need a variety of aids to help them get through day-to-day life. However, they don't always do so willingly - how many grandparents do you know who might have had a hip replacement, but who still have the life and energy of a youngster? Giving them a gift of some sort of aid would be a useful present, but don't pick something boring and old-fashioned - go one better.

Nowadays, fabrics with graphic prints are really popular, so buy them a shopping bag in a bright, patterned design, instead of the bog standard tartan which you might expect. I've even seen places which sell fold-up walking sticks, in a whole variety of colors and designs, from pink and silver polkadot, to multicolored stripes. There are loads of avenues you could go down with this one - think of any way you could brighten up something really helpful! Getting old doesn't mean you have to be boring and bland, so spice up some household aids for your grandparents who want to stay young!

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