Our goal at Top10Zen is to blow your mind, every time you visit.

Edan Barak

Edan Barak is an online entrepreneur and web developer.

He is also a fact nut, and when he's not working on software he enjoys hunting down obscure and interesting facts to share with the world.

To contact Edan, use the contact form.

Here's a Badass Pug:


The internet is filled with static - a cacaphony of noises, ideas, biases, and opinions - and it's often hard to make the distinction between fact and fiction.

Our goal at Top10Zen is to distill all of human knowledge into trustworthy and informative top 10 lists by using the power of our users to help write, contribute to, and vote on lists - thereby creating lists that the community agrees on.

Yes, but why?

Authors love writing top 10 lists - but here's the catch. It's their list - all items are contributed by them alone. Also, these lists tend to become irrelevant over time, as the world around us changes.

Our goal is to solve these issues by involving our users in the creation process. On the way we plan on rewarding our users with prizes, fame, and advertising for their own businesses and websites.

It's about being social, too!

We've developed a unique social setting at Top10Zen, where users can meet like-minded individuals through the lists they visit. Not only can you learn from our website's content, you can also network with experts in different categories and gain friendships which can last a lifetime.

At Top10Zen, you're in the driver's seat:

  • Vote on your favorite list items by clicking "like" on the ones you agree with.
  • Propel your favorite lists to the front page by clicking "like" on the list itself.
  • Add your own lists by clicking the "Write A List" button on the top right. Lists can be private or public.
  • Add list items to other's public lists by scrolling to the bottom of the list and using the "Add to this list" form.
  • Share the lists you love with your social circle or by email using the sharing options on the list page.
  • Start a discussion about a list by scrolling down to the comments section and leaving a comment.