5 Mysterious Deep Sea Discoveries

Added by Fran on Mar 30, 2019

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Discovered by the famous Swedish "Ocean X Team" in June 2011, the Baltic Sea anomaly, or UFO as it is more commonly referred to, is a circular rock-like formation, 60 meters in radius, found at a depth of around 90 meters in the Baltic Sea. To date the team has made two expeditions to the anomaly; on the second one they reported finding a formation that looked like a staircase as well as a round black hole that leads directly into the structure.

There are many theories about the origins of the anomaly. Some researchers attribute the outcropping to man-made structures, for example it might be a German anti-submarine device or a damaged gun turret from an old battleship. Others take the simple and direct approach, believing it to be a natural formation of rock, or that time, ocean currents and fish movement are the cause of the geometrical formation. There is a problem, though, with all these theories, in that the formation seems to contain unnaturally straight lines, and is made of limonite and goethite, which are materials that are strange to find in the ocean depths.

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