5 Coolest Airports In The World

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 7, 2016

Beijing Capital International Airport

URL: http://en.bcia.com.cn
Location: Beijing, China
Yearly Passengers: 78,675,000
Special Awards: World's Best Airport, Best Airport Immigration Service
Why it's so great:
Beijing Capital is rapidly becoming one of the world's busiest airports, and is the busiest airport in Asia. It was revamped in 2008 for the Olympic games, and has three huge terminals with a wide selection of shopping and dining facilities. Holding with Chinese architecture traditions, Feng Sui is employed to give positive energy and beauty to the buildings. The roof of the third terminal is painted red, the Chinese color of luck.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

URL: http://www.schiphol.nl
Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Yearly Passengers: 49,755,252
Special Awards: Best Airport in Europe, Top Airports for Shopping (#1), Air Cargo Excellence Award
Why it's so great:
One of our favorite areas is Holland Boulevard, which mimics the feeling of the streets of Amsterdam, and boasts delightful small foods to entice you. The Holland Casino is also quite a novelty, and a great way to earn back your holiday spending. You can also visit the Rijksmuseum in the departures area, where drawing and paintings from the Golden Age of Dutch history are on display.

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