20 Good Excuses To Get Out Of Work Today

Added by Edan Barak on Jul 25, 2018

Jury duty

Jury duty is a genius excuse to get you out of work for a few days, and cover your back at the same time. It's the kind of thing that can crop up every so often for any one of us, and neither you nor your boss is allowed to turn it down. Make out like you have to attend court to sit in on a trial for a few days. The beauty of this excuse is that you're not allowed to disclose information from cases you've seen, so you won't be allowed to answer any of the questions which your boss and colleagues throw at you!



Bosses won't argue with the law, so use it to your advantage! Tell your boss that there was some criminal activity near your house overnight, and that the police have asked you to wait to make a statement or fill out a report. You could even mention that they want to talk to everyone on the street, so it could be a long wait! However, be prepared in case your boss asks you to expand on the details of the crime - if you haven't thought up a plausible story, you'll be the one getting caught red handed.


Allergic reaction

In this day and age, allergies are something which more and more people suffer from. Whether you're pretending it's something you ate or a reaction to an animal, make it sound really uncomfortable when you phone into work! The more it sounds like you've swelled up like a balloon and itching all over, the better. If your medical records at work already state that you suffer from certain allergies, then you can use this excuse and it'll sound realistic. However, don't go putting allergies on your medical records if you don't have them, just in case you might want a day off one day - if you ever need medical assistance while you're actually at work, you might not get the proper care that you need.


Food poisoning/vomiting and diarrhea

We've probably all had a bout of food poisoning or vomiting and diarrhea at least once in our lives, and it's nasty! The symptoms usually clear up in around a day, so this is the perfect excuse if you just want a single day away from work. It's definitely a plausible excuse, but at the same time it's gross enough that your boss won't ask too many questions.


Female problems

This one's for the ladies! Sorry guys, but women have one trick up their sleeves which men simply don't: 'female problems'. It's that taboo subject that nobody (neither men nor women) really want to talk about, and quite frankly men don't really want to know about at all. That's why this excuse works especially well if the boss is male, as no man will want to question a woman about her 'female problems'! On the other hand, if your boss is female, hopefully she'll be sympathetic and understanding enough to give you time off to take all the hot baths you 'need'!

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