20 Amazing & Interesting Bruce Lee Facts

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 11, 2019

Bruce Lee relied on a gun for personal protection.

Once Bruce Lee became known as someone who was unbeatable in a fight, he started carrying a .357 magnum with him for protection. Often challenged by strangers, he turned to the most efficient form of self defense.



He studies under Yip Man, a Wing Chun master.

Due to Bruce Lee's mixed ancestry - his great-grandfather was Dutch - other students in his Wing Chun classes refused to train with him. This worked to his advantage, as he received personal tutelage from Yip Man, one of the most famous teachers of the style.



At one point, Lee suffered a terrible back injury, and recovered.

Bruce Lee suffered a severe back injury in 1970 during his morning lifting routine. His doctors told him that he was lucky to be able to walk and would never be flexible or mobile enough to practice gung fu again. Through determination he fully recovered and went on to star in some of his most well-known films.



Lee injured Jackie Chan during the filming of 'Enter the Dragon'.

During the filming of the movie "Enter the Dragon", there was a fight scene between Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, where Bruce accidentally hit Jackie with a stick across the head. Both actors continued acting until the director called cut, after which Bruce ran to Jackie, lifted him up, and apologized.



His kicks were so fast, they had to be slowed down for filming!

During the filming of "Enter The Dragon", Lee's kicks were so fast that it was decided to film one of the scenes in slow motion to show that there were no camera tricks being used.


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