10 Weird Jobs You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 20, 2019

Vomit Collector

Apparently puking your guts out after being whisked around in a nausea-inducing roller-coaster is considered fun for some people. What's not as much fun is cleaning up their vomit, and even the regular cleaners draw the line here. For this reason vomit collectors are hired at many of the more "thrilling" amusement parks, for example the Thorpe Park theme-park in the U.K., where the Saw ride is keeping them busy around the clock.

There are a few perks to the job, however, namely the ability to ride any roller-coaster they want for free, whenever they like. This way they can contribute to the vomit that needs to be cleaned up, thereby promoting their own job security.


Dice Inspector

Casinos and dice manufacturers are very serious about making sure their dice are perfect - and for good reason. Any imperfections of their dice, from tiny scratches, lopsidedness to uneven surfaces, could lead to cheating or wrong outcomes, and these companies have been sued before when the stakes were high.

No, we're not talking about that high-stakes game of Monopoly last weekend with the family, 4 hours into the game, with jail time right around the corner. We're talking about high-rollers in Vegas, where a throw of the dice can mean the difference between winning and losing millions!

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