10 Ways To Combat A Cold Before It Takes Hold

Added by jamesp on May 26, 2014

Keep your nose as clean as possible

If you notice that your nose is a little stuffy or runny, use a saline nasal spray in it to help clean it out.  Doing this will reduce the impact of the cold.  Also, take a hot shower to help clear the nasal passages.


Within the first two hours of feeling the cold coming on, go to the drugstore for medicine

Consider purchasing a general pain reliever to help fight the achy feeling that comes with the cold and flu.  Over-the-counter allergy medicines will help with the runny nose and watery eyes.  If you get one that has a decongestant, it will help clear out your sinuses and make you feel less groggy and more alert.  These preventative skips will help kick the cold from your system faster.

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