10 Ways To Combat A Cold Before It Takes Hold

Added by jamesp on May 26, 2014

They say prevention is better than cure, and that's absolutely accurate when it comes to the common cold. Despite all of humanities medical knowledge, the common cold as yet has no cure, and so the best we can really do is try to prevent it, or make ourselves more comfortable while our bodies fight it off.

Here are ten tips to help you combat a cold and feel better faster.


As soon as you start to feel cold symptoms coming on, start adding fluids to your body

You need to stay hydrated at all times, more so when you feel a cold coming on.  By drinking juice, water and even tea, you can help keep the sore throat and stuffy nose from coming on strong.


If your throat is scratchy, start gargling with warm salt water

It may taste gross if you accidentally swallow some, but gargling with salt water will help reduce the inflammation in your throat as well as clear anything that is irritating it, such as excess mucus, from the back of it.  It also draws any excess water from your throat tissue which helps relieve the scratchiness.  If there are any bacteria or virus lingering in the back of your throat, the gargle will help flush them out and prevent the cold.

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