10 Unique Must-See Cities In The World

Added by Edan Barak on Dec 3, 2018

Santiago, Chile

The name of this Chilean city should sound familiar. It is here that 33 miners were trapped and where an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck, putting the city on the proverbial map. The people of Santiago bounced back and the city is now the home of new museums and restaurants for you to enjoy. With a base in Santiago, you can hike the Andes or ski in July, making it a unique place to visit.


Hong Kong, China

Considered the most liberated city in China, Hong Kong is hopping no matter what type of day it is. From shopping malls to walled villages and hiking trails that require you bring a camera, Hong Kong offers a lot to do in a little space. And, that’s before we mention the 11,000 restaurants the city boasts.

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