10 Things You Should Not Do When Driving

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 15, 2018


We're all guilty of it, and most drivers will swear that it doesn't affect their driving abilities.

Eating, drinking, talking on the phone - even reprimanding your bratty kids for fighting in the back seat - are all things you should not be doing while driving.

Driving while multitasking has been shown to reduce reaction times to that of someone who is legally drunk and can lead to grave consequences.



It's good to read, don't get us wrong. Just not while cars are zooming by on either side of you and the woman in front might hit the brakes at any moment.

You know those books that just suck you in and keep you reading way into the small hours of the night? Yeah, don't bring those into your car, ever.

Your attention span just can't process reading and watching the road, and eventually you'll forget the traffic rules and where you were driving to in the first place. As a result, you'll stray from your path and hinder others with your loopy driving.

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