10 Things You Should Not Do When Driving

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 15, 2018

Surfing on the Web

Driving can be really boring, especially when stuck in traffic. At some point honking your horn randomly or blasting rock music out into the world at large just doesn't seem to cut through the boredom. That's when you turn to the internet and lose yourself in some silly YouTube video of kittens barking like dogs.

Don't be surprised when the car behind you blasts an earsplitting honk to let you know it's time to lift your head and drive.


Flossing Your Teeth

While flossing is important, doing it while driving is beyond reckless. Not only do you engage your hands in cleaning your teeth; you also depend on your knees or elbows to drive for you. Now, I don't know where you went to driving school, but where I went, knees were not considered a valid substitute for hands.

Spare your dignity, and possibly your life, by avoiding such audacious stunts.

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