10 Things Every Windows PC User Should Know

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 9, 2018

Recover lost files

I still remember the first time I deleted a word document I had been working on for at least four days. I was horrified! I simply couldn't come to terms with the fact that four full days of work had just gone into the trash. That's when I realized how right I was. The file had gone into Window's recycle bin, where it was waiting for me to simply hit “restore” to bring the file back from its grave.

Of course, sometimes even the recycle bin can't help you, especially if you shift-delete a particular file, which bypasses the recycle bin completely. There's nothing to worry, though – all is still not lost! When your computer deletes a file, it doesn't actually delete it at all. All that really happens is that the file is “marked” for deletion, meaning that when the computer needs the disk space being occupied by the file, it won't hesitate to use it.

This means you can still use programs like Panda Recovery or Undelete Plus to recover your files. Of course, if you set up an automated backup plan, you could just recover your files from there.


Read error messages – they're there for a reason!

This one's got us so riled up we even added an exclamation mark for emphasis. When your PC is acting up, when programs suddenly decide to close by themselves, or when other strange behavior occurs, a dialog box will usually pop up with information that can help you fix the problem. Don't just click it away – read it and follow the instructions. You could even copy the error message into Google search to find a plethora of information, asked and answered questions on the topic. Be your own IT expert!

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