10 Spectacular Wilderness Areas For The Travel Adventure Of A Lifetime

Added by Fran on May 26, 2014

Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

Patagonia was once home to the planet’s largest and greatest dinosaurs. Today, you can follow in the footsteps of the dinosaurs with the Dinosaur Route in the northwestern region of Patagonia. Crossing both Argentinian and Chilean borders, the Patagonia wilderness is an impressive and majestic place, offering snow-capped mountain peaks, intense history including the 7370 BC Cueva de las Manos rock engravings, and plenty of friendly wildlife. One of the best ways to experience Patagonia is through trekking and hiking in the wilderness, offering an uninterrupted nature experience as well as encounters with local communities and rural family lifestyles.


Gila Wilderness, New Mexico & United States

Occupied by the Mogollan people around AD 1000, the Gila Wilderness still contains some ancient and cultural ruins. It was proclaimed a protected wilderness area in 1924, making it the world’s oldest. The region is home to the Mogollan Mountain Range, canyons, grasslands, forests and even hot springs. Some of the more dangerous wildlife found in the Gila include bear, mountain lion, and the Mexican gray wolf. The Gila Wilderness offers plenty of hiking trails, some covering extensive distances in complete isolation of all civilization. Hiking organizations and local rangers can assist in your choice of trail, and can offer you important information to ensure safe hiking across the Gila.

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