10 Spectacular Wilderness Areas For The Travel Adventure Of A Lifetime

Added by Fran on May 26, 2014

Bohuslän Coast, West Sweden

Stretching between Gothenburg and Norway, this coastline wilderness region includes some 8,000 islands, mostly secluded and entirely wild. The Bohuslän coast of Western Sweden is a well described wilderness region and is particularly favored by fishing enthusiasts. Small fishing villages are found along the coastline but for complete distance from civilization, head to the Kosterhavet National Park and Koster Island. At Kosterhavet National Park you will find Sweden’s only coral reef and the park offers exclusive shellfish safaris.


Tasmanian Wilderness, Australia

The Tasmanian wilderness is a thriving nature planet on its own –a safe haven for many of the threatened species and marsupials including the Tasmanian devil, the world’s tallest flowering plant, the swamp gum, as well as the most peculiar 250-millin year old mountain shrimp. The Tasmanian wilderness covers almost a fifth of the entire Tasmania Island. Since the early 1980s, the Tasmanian wilderness was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this listing continues till today. In 2013, an additional 170,000 hectares of wilderness were added to the formal heritage area. The Tasmanian wilderness offers a blast of outdoor adventure for the adrenaline junkie but also more relaxed outdoor enjoyment if you purely want to enjoy the splendor of Down Under.

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