10 Reasons Why SEO Still Matters

Added by StaceyD on Nov 20, 2017

Connect with customers.

The key to being successful is to connect with customers rather than focus on keywords. Address a new and provide useful information. Make your website navigable and approachable. WikiHow offers some simple ways to get your business online.


Write for Users, Not Search Engines

Keywords are still part of SEO but not they way they used to be. Keyword density should be about 1-2 percent rather than 3-5 percent. In days gone by, content was difficult to read because it was stuffed with repeated terms. Content should be easy to read and understand. Using the same words continually makes that impossible. It also sounds like you are talking down to the reader. Have you ever reached a site that used the same words 50 times? It is likely you surfed away to a more sensible one. Your readers will do the same thing. Keep in mind content is king and your customers are the kingdom.

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