10 Reasons Why SEO Still Matters

Added by StaceyD on Nov 20, 2017
SEO Still Matters

The rules keep changing as SEO and website development evolves. Google updates such as Panda and Penguin have website owners anxious about their rankings. Keyword stuffing and excessive backlinks no longer work and can cause sites to get penalized. While these techniques are ineffective, SEO has a new look and continues to matter. Maintaining an appealing website with real value is sure to stand up to any search engine changes that happen in the future. Nobody wants to be a one-hit wonder. Staying power is the name of the game in business. Learn how to remain on top without compromising your values.


Google Authorship should not be ignored

Google authorship is another useful tool. Distinguish yourself and your work by establishing Google authorship. It is one of the services that helps Google differentiate relevant content from junk. It is simple to set up a Google+ account with Google authorship.


Get creative with the keywords you target

Keywords should be original. Using the same keywords as everyone else in the business won't make you stand out from the crowd. It is often better to choose a less used keyword that makes you more noticeable in a particular niche. Google AdWords offers a free tool that makes this process simple. You can vind a variety of keywords that might be applicable to your offerings. It is an opportunity to get creative without going off track. Remember to keep them relevant and natural rather than using odd sequences that don't make sense. If it sounds awkward to you, it is sure to sound odd to your readers. Consider what people would enter into a search box to find your type of businesses before you make a final decision. Watch a tutorial to find out more about how Google AdWords works.

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