10 Outrageously Creative Wedding Proposals

Added by Edan Barak on Sep 14, 2017

Do you, Prince Moviesign, Take Furtive Penguin To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Geek?

At some point in our recent history reality and virtual reality became intertwined. We have people living entire lives online in virtual worlds such as Second Life, and apparently it's now become acceptable to propose to your star-crossed lover through characters in a PC game.

So this is the story of Prince Moviesign (as he had chosen to name himself in the game Halo 3), who joined the love of his life, Princess Furtive Penguin, in a friendly duel of guns.

Furtive Penguin played along, as they crossed from one level to another, shooting people together, like lovebirds often do. As the game progressed, Moviesign urged his lady to explore a new location in the game, and when Furtive Penguin reached the spot, her jaw dropped. Carved into the ground were the words "Marry me?"

As people around them shot each other dead, Moviesign and Furtive Penguin hugged, and became teammates for life.


With This Bike I Thee Wed

Bikers are a curious lot. They are known to have an unbelievable amount of love for their bikes, fussing and obsessing over them. Now, what happens when a biker is in love (with a non-motorcycle) and decides to express it? Well, he enlists the help of 300 biker friends, to start. But here's the catch; If all of them are wearing black gear, how will she know who her man is? Here's how: he revvs his bike until pink smoke comes out the exhaust. You know, just to take her mind off the apocalyptic noise of 300 revving bikes.

In the end she said yes, and the two hugged each other joyously. And a hundred commuters arrived late to work that day.

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